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Sunrise II and Sunrise III Additions  23 New Homes and Counting!
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Photos of Sunrise II and Sunrise III Additions
Tax Rebate!
Tax Rebate!
Lots Range in Size from 127' x 127' some are 100' x 127'
New Development Area

Contract Provisions :(in brief)
· $1500.00 deposit required
· Contract with Builder within 6 months
· Break ground in 12 months
· If dwelling construction is completed in 18 months, full return on deposit with interest.

SPECIAL ASSESMENTS The lots are developed lots. We do have special assesments on the property. We do not include the price of the land (which is estimated at $8,000 to $10,000 per lot). The specials are $11,973.00. However, please read the information pertaining to the Tax Rebate Program. There is a rebate directly back to you for five years. That rebate can be used to help offset the the cost of the specials. The Special Assesments can be paid for up front or financed over 10 years at Prime Rate plus 1%.


Contact: Barry Hodges at 785-392-2176
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Minneapolis Kansas 67467
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